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Clinical Trial Results



Our Mission Statement

Clinical Trial Results is an organization of clinical trial researchers whose goal is to objectively and rapidly disseminate clinical trial results to physicians & other health care professionals so that they in turn can educate their colleagues and patients with the ultimate goal of accelerating the delivery of newer treatments.

The community of healthcare providers has resonated to a site that provides them with both data as well as independent commentary.  I firmly believe that the public vetting of Clinical Trial Results (both positive and negative) is critical and provides a valuable service to the community at large. This process helps assure the integrity of trial data as well as its interpretation. We aim to provide full and transparent disclosure as part of this process.

There are a variety of features that differentiate Clinical Trial Results from other sites that have led Cardiologists and health care providers to prefer our site.

1. Clinical Trial Results provides modifiable slides, not someone else’s unmodifiable JPEG message

Powerpoint presentations have become the tool of choice among medical educators.  Many speakers like to make the slides “their own”.  To this end, Clinical Trial Results provides for the most part, slides that are modifiable Powerpoint slides, and not JPEG images of Powerpoint slides as are found on other sites.  The site purposefully allows users to add their logo, reconfigure the layout of data, edit the conclusions, add to the limitations to make the slides their own.  This allows users to make it their talk and not the talk of a Pharmaceutical Company, Device Manufacturer, Medical Education Company, or Key Opinion Leader.

2. “A picture is worth a thousand words”.  

As I have often said, cardiologists are “visual animals”.  Stories are so often better told through the use of pictures in addition to words.  In addition, cardiologists, may not have the time or inclination to read lots of text as they are browsing.  For this reason, the slides emphasize graphs and visuals rather than text and tables.  If a picture is worth a thousand words, then moving pictures (animated gifs) and videos are invaluable, and the site continues to add this type of content.

3. This Week In Cardiology: The First TV Show for Cardiologists

I long wanted to create a TV show for cardiologists so that they could quickly catch up on the news from the week. Early in the fall of 2006, This Week in Cardiology was launched.  This has now rapidly become one of the most popular areas on the site.

4. “I feel the need, the need for speed”

At the time of national and international meetings, we pride ourselves on posting content as soon as possible after it has been presented.

5. A Great Search Engine at the Top Left, Organization, and Ease of Navigation

The name is simple and so is the site. 

We Do Not Promote the “Off Label” Use of Drugs and Devices

While trying to keep up with information pertaining to advances in knowledge, the site is not intended to promote off label use of drugs or devices. These educational slides present data to support the rationale for the use of a variety of pharmacologic agents and devices in both approved and non-approved indications.  Actual prescribing information is by intent minimal or completely lacking. These slides have been prepared for scientific educational purposes, and cannot be considered an inducement to use any drug or device in non-registered indications. The site does not recommend the use of any drug or device in any manner inconsistent with that described in the full prescribing information.

How Can I Get More Involved?

We hope you enjoy using the site.  We could use your help though! Would you mind returning the favor and sharing your slides with others in the spirit of what we are trying to do?  Please email me your slides for consideration

C. Michael Gibson, M.S., M.D.

Founder, Editor-in-Chief